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Take Charge of the STRESS in Your Life

What causes your stress?  work: security, competence, perfectionism family: parents, siblings, extended family upcoming events: vacation, marriage, graduation relationships/friendships anxiety/worry/fear over health, finances, safety or security Are these really the causes of your stress or are they what trigger your stress? Ask yourself “Who is responsible for the STRESS in my life?” Take a look at previous stressful times. Could you have handled the situation, person or event differently? Become the observer, watch how you are in the world. The outside world offers abundant situations, people and events to trigger stress. How you respond is up to you. Stress...

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Empowering Women

What does empowerment mean to you? “Empowerment” refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. How would your life be different if you were empowered? We all come into this life with gifts, abilities and power and slowly it is buried or put to sleep by the illusion of what society, our families, religions and schools teach us. We learn survival techniques, that fear is healthy, that we are not always safe, that it is not a good idea to trust…strangers, our friends, lovers, enemies, adversaries, colleagues, and even ourselves. We...

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Walking the Shamanic Path

What is Shamanism? It is the oldest Spiritual practice on the planet. The word “shaman” comes from the Siberian word that refers to out of the ordinary spiritual abilities such that a Shaman is thought of as a go-between this world and the spirit world. In many cultures the shaman is the medicine man or woman who “sees” or who “knows”. The shaman is the one the tribe consults when healing or direction are sought. From the perspective of the Shaman we are all interconnected and a part of Nature. For thousands of years Shamans, have journeyed to other...

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The Cycles of Women on the Medicine Wheel

As women we pass through four main life cycles: Child, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Which cycle are you in? What have you learned? What are you bringing to the next cycle? As a Child did you enjoy the magic? As a Maiden did you learn honour, self-respect and gratitude? As a Mother (nurturer) did you love unconditionally? As a Crone/Wise Woman are you sharing your wisdom? On the Medicine Wheel we come into this world in the East, the place of the Eagle, illumination, clarity, confidence, trust and magic. As Children we bring in gifts and abilities, intuition and...

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