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Gratitude creates a state of mind based on and perpetuated by positive belief; just as being ungrateful becomes a state of mind based on and perpetuated by negative belief. The conscious construction of our reality begins in our thoughts. The manifestation of that reality is cause and effect based in emotion. If I choose to focus on and give attention to what I am grateful for rather than what’s wrong in my life, I am choosing abundant and fulfilling thinking. Resentment and gratitude are opposites, as are faith and fear. These sentiments evoke opposite emotional responses and create opposite...

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10 Ways To Improve Your Life Outlook For A More Positive And Purposeful Future

Life is for the most part a challenge, and as it brings us expected and unexpected ups and downs, we can take some control of our lives through our thoughts. We are the constructors of our reality, often without doing so consciously. Moving to a more conscious thought practice can change our life outlook and ultimately provide positive direction in our lives. Neuroscience has shown that pathways can be strengthened and positive messages are powerful in regard to altering the complicated neural connective make up of our brain. The following are practices that can help to steer some of...

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