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Logic vs Emotion

Logic vs Emotion?

 Recently I was asked by my client:  “Is it better to buy a house based on emotion or based on logic”. 

I told them that I think both are equally important. 

As we walked through a house, she pointed to a corner in the front window and said, ‘our Christmas tree can go there’. 

Another house we went through brought out an emotion of how she can see raising a family in that house.  Emotions!

Her husband, on the other hand, pointed out that front window where she could see her Christmas tree, needed to be replaced.  The house that she could raise their family in, needed new plumbing, electrical, flooring, and a new kitchen.  Logic!

You should be emotional!  You do want to feel that this could be your home for many years to come.  You want to have ‘that feeling’ of comfort when you walk in.  You want to know if it will be functional for you and your family.  The drawbacks of being emotional are when you make the impulse decisions, or when you feel tired and worn down and think you should just settle on a house. 

You also need to be logical – are you able to fix what needs to be fixed yourself, or will you have enough excess money to be able to hire professionals to fix it?  What is the home worth?  Will I make my money back down the road when I sell it?

EMOTION and LOGIC also play a very important part of the home selling process. 

You raised your family in this home.  There are so many memories. I remember little Sally climbing on the counter to reach the cookies we hid in the cupboard. I remember spending summer days in the backyard above-ground pool.  I remember the kids playing hide n’ seek in the basement. Emotions! 

Logic is usually where your REALTOR® comes in.  The counters that little Sally climbed on are chipped and cracked.  The cupboards where you hid her cookies are old and outdated.   The ground where the pool was, is now just a circle of dirt where grass should be.  The basement leaks.

Logic vs Emotion – it can be a tricky balance. 

A REALTOR® should help you through this.  They should give you the information you need to make a logical decision and will also be able to help you through the emotional aspect of a home purchase or sale. 

Ultimately, of course, it is always your decision what you want to do!   

I’d like to leave you with this, and these are of course just my personal thoughts:

  1. I don't think you should ever feel guilty about looking at numerous houses for weeks, months or longer.  Sometimes it just takes that long to find what you are looking for and that's ok.
  2. Do not ever feel pressured to buy something because you’ve been looking for so long.
  3. Lastly, do not feel that you missed out on the perfect home..... because there will always be another one!



anytime you have questions about real estate!  I'm always happy to help!