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Maggie Hamilton

I met Maggie almost 20 years ago just shortly after starting my own business and am pleased to know her as an associate and a friend. Maggie has so many talents – her thirst for learning, and her ability to forge ahead to try to new things always impresses me. Maggie is also a very talented singer and guitar player. I have worked with Maggie on many website projects over the years and am very excited for her to be back in Hamilton and running a very successful business. This is her story. Before starting at Urban Hamilton Artists I have done...

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Eva Marsh

I met Eva, over 10 years ago through a women’s network group in Dundas.  I was very impressed with Eva and her dedication to spreading the word about MS and her story of recovery.  Shortly after, I started helping her with her website design and was pleased to continue to do so for many many years. Eva speaks and travels the world sharing her story and dancing with MS. This is her story. Before starting my business I worked in a medical research team, and later as a programmer/analyst in industry. I wrote a book on recovery from the damage...

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Arlene Beattie

I first met Arlene from Shots of Life and End the Chaos at a network event within the last couple years. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable when you are around her. Arlene has great talent as an amazing photographer and is a huge supporter of all the people she knows and connects with at the events.  She is very devoted to her family, her business and her community. This is her story. I’ve been working for over 46 years. Some of these positions include: -An auditor for National Trust in Toronto – A legal...

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Bonnie Barlow

I met Bonnie about three years back through networking and am always in awe of all the things Bonnie does. I have watched her blossom over the past three years from the shy lady I met to one of boundless energy, a strong positive voice and a very giving heart. She is very active in the community and her mission is to help women look and feel good about themselves through not only her business but also the organizations she works with and in her presentations.  This is her story. I was a medical receptionist for over 6 years....

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Julie Stobbe

I first met Julie many years ago through Networking and she knows her business inside and out. She is an expert on organizing and decluttering and speaks to groups about why people have challenges in this area or what is preventing them from being able to get organized. When Julie speaks about her business you know she is an expert in her field. This is Julie’s story. Almost all the jobs I had before becoming a Professional Organizer have helped to make me better at my job.  During university I work in the office of a manufacturing company part time...

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