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Refreshed Website

As 2017 begins, I have been working to create a more interactive and interesting website for our visitors and members. We hope you enjoy the new interface. It is now simplified with less links, more resources and articles right up front for your interest! The membership options have changed slightly, with a new partner option added. All P.I.C. network event dates for 2017 are listed on the side of the events page. Links to be added to events as I post them to the calendar. These should all be updated by the end of this month. I also still have...

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Networking and The Law of Like Attracts Like

What is the Law of Like Attracts Like?  What is Networking?  What is the affect of this Natural Law on networking? The Law of Like Attracts Like means what ever energy you give forth is the energy you receive back to you.  This energy can be in the form of thoughts, feelings, words and/or actions. Networking is…interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. The affect of this Natural Law as applied to networking?  Simply this…when you choose to support, in a good way, other business by promoting them, you are also...

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