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Let Go of Your Pain & Fatigue

“I’m always tired—it doesn’t matter how long I sleep!” “I can’t catch up on everything I need to do.” “I’m always feeling down in the dumps.” “My whole body hurts! If it’s not my back, it’s my shoulders or my feet.” Are these comments sound familiar to you?  I hear them over and over from young women, middle-aged women, and older women, whether in my office, by e-mail, or even at social gatherings: What is the root cause of pain? Emotional / Mental stress or negative emotions à Disturbed sleep à Tensed muscles à Nervous system changes  à Depression...

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Business and Valentine’s Day

Business and Valentine’s Day are synonymous.   Yes…It is an opportunity to attract customers to your business.  Beyond this reasoning of promoting and selling products and services, is a more benevolent philosophy binding business and Valentine’s Day as an everyday success. The philosophy of caring.  Caring on a much broader and more expansive scale.  Think of concentric rings expanding ever outward.  You are the very center ring.  Currently, how many rings beyond you reflect your concepts of inclusiveness for Valentine’s Day?  Often this includes a partner, children, grandchildren siblings and parents.  The circles are very close to our center.  What...

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