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What is Matrix Reimprinting?

I have been asked many a times to give a simple understanding of what is “Matrix Reimprinting?” Whenever I would start talking about it, I would try and explain the law of Quantum physics and how scientific research now points out that the memories are not living in our DNA, instead they are in our field. Even though we have the genes that might indicate the high possibility of a disease to manifest in our body; it will only happen if we have the right environment for that disease to manifest. However, this is a much simpler version… ‘The power of our thoughts, memories,...

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How to Be Successful!

I hope to be ———- when I grow up!!! How many times we have heard ourselves saying this? I hope to be a pilot or an astronaut or a dancer when I grow up, and oftentimes we fail to fulfill our childhood dream.    We have to make the internal transition from “I hope to be this when I grow up” to “I am this.” Many people misinterpret this step as setting an intention. Setting intentions is a necessary step to manifesting.  To set an intention well, you need to spend time getting clear on: ⇒ What it is you’re doing,  ⇒ How you wish to do it,  ⇒ What...

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Gratitude creates a state of mind based on and perpetuated by positive belief; just as being ungrateful becomes a state of mind based on and perpetuated by negative belief. The conscious construction of our reality begins in our thoughts. The manifestation of that reality is cause and effect based in emotion. If I choose to focus on and give attention to what I am grateful for rather than what’s wrong in my life, I am choosing abundant and fulfilling thinking. Resentment and gratitude are opposites, as are faith and fear. These sentiments evoke opposite emotional responses and create opposite...

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Empowering Women

What does empowerment mean to you? “Empowerment” refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. How would your life be different if you were empowered? We all come into this life with gifts, abilities and power and slowly it is buried or put to sleep by the illusion of what society, our families, religions and schools teach us. We learn survival techniques, that fear is healthy, that we are not always safe, that it is not a good idea to trust…strangers, our friends, lovers, enemies, adversaries, colleagues, and even ourselves. We...

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10 Ways To Improve Your Life Outlook For A More Positive And Purposeful Future

Life is for the most part a challenge, and as it brings us expected and unexpected ups and downs, we can take some control of our lives through our thoughts. We are the constructors of our reality, often without doing so consciously. Moving to a more conscious thought practice can change our life outlook and ultimately provide positive direction in our lives. Neuroscience has shown that pathways can be strengthened and positive messages are powerful in regard to altering the complicated neural connective make up of our brain. The following are practices that can help to steer some of...

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