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Get Life Flowyn

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Wyn Andress is an Integrative Wellness Guide offering Hypnosis, Celtic Reiki, E.F.T. & Meditation to empower clients to release life's challenges, which are all part of the human experience, & create desired changes. Let's face it, we all need help getting 'unstuck' sometimes! As stress is one of the greatest concerns to health, today, any or all of the modalities offered will be excellent in alleviating your symptoms and help you cope with love, grace and ease. Fears, pain, habits, weight or old beliefs can be released; while sleep, confidence or your performance can be enhanced with Celtic Reiki, E.FT. (aka Tapping), and especially Hypnosis! For parents struggling with the challenges of this very important task, Project Parent Trap helps improve communication skills so you can more easily connect with, & guide, your child in a more empowered way. If is something bothering you, and you truly desire to change it, then it would be an honour to guide you through those changes. So, let’s Connect and 'get life flowyn'!

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Hypnosis, Reiki, E.F.T., tapping, meditation, stress release, natural therapy, parenting, challenges, change, confidence, communication

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