Kathryn Smith for Contour Fat Loss

I was pleased to be able to use the services of Contour Fat Loss Clinic for fat loss this summer. Kathryn took the time to explain how the cold laser worked to reduce fat in specific areas of the body. She made me feel very comfortable with the experience and offered recommendstions on how to increase my results. I had a total of 9 treatments over a 4 week period focused on my waist, hip and thigh area. Without changing anything in my diet and being less active due to a strained knee I still lost inches off my wast, hips and thighs and it stayed off. With concentrated effort on diet and exercise i know my results would have been much greater. I was happy with the results and would recommend this service for both a person that is looking or short term results for an upcoming event or long term results as part of a weight/fat loss program.

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