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Do you ever wonder about the quality of the bottled water you choose? How do you know what is best to drink?
There is only one law in Canada about bottled water: the company must list the parts per million (ppm) on the label.

Ppm stands for Parts Per Million (ppm) of dissolved solids floating in the water. Those solids can be made up of:

industrial waste
hard minerals

Tap water has an average of 169 ppm.
Canadian springs: 390 ppm
Nestles Pure Life: an astonishing 552 ppm.
H2Only: 0-2 ppm

Every cell in your body, particularly of your kidneys and liver, don’t need to filter the above list of materials. So remember, read the labels and shops for water that has the lowest number of ppms.

As a result of our water quality, H2Only serves all of the hospitals in the Niagara Region!
We also now service Hamilton Homes and Businesses!

P02_teenWilma Snippe, President
H2Only Inc

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