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Basic Membership

Thank you for learning more about the People In Connection Network!

We have no restrictions as to business category. Competition is welcome! However we do have a few limitations:

MLM independent associates (Network Marketing): We are accepting one representative from each company so please check our members directory to see if there is already an independent representative of the same MLM company.  Independent representatives from competing companies are welcome to join us.

Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services: One representative from each company is welcome. Agents from competing companies are welcome to join!

We have MANY business categories that are not represented at all in our network and we would be thrilled to have you as a member!
We welcome and invite all guests to attend up to two events to see if our network is a good fit for you and your business.

We have two events per month with the exception of July and December when we only have one event those months.

Network Events are held the first Tuesday at 9:00 am, the second Wednesday morning at 7:30 am and the 4th Friday afternoon at 12:30 pm. At this time all of our events are held virtually through the Zoom interface.  Our events are varied, some months we have presenters, workshops or round table discussions. Twice a year we do a fun fundraiser event to raise funds to help organizations in need. (July and December)

Membership includes:

  • Attendance at all network events
  • Your business listed on our online directory on this website.
  • The ability to present at our network events!

Advertising opportunities will be available in the new year (2021) on our website and in the newsletters! Details to follow.

As an active member of our network we ask for your participation:

  • Be able to attend a minimum of 7 events annually.. (we hold over 30 events.. you need to be seen at least 7 times for people to remember you!)
  • Connect with and refer other members outside of the monthly meetings
  • Save the membership list to your computer so you always have it for reference
    ***NOTE*** this list does not give you the right add other members to a mailing list without their permission.
    *** this is for your own reference only to connect with or refer another member
  • Recommend other members of the network when the opportunities arise
  • Participate on the Facebook group so other members know more about your business

Basic Membership $50+HST  Annually

Additional Membership Options

Zoom video interview

  • up to 10 minutes: $75 +HST
  • Recorded so you can place a copy on your own website or social networks.
  • Copy on the Network site and Youtube channel.

Network Group Sponsor (We have 5 spots available)

  • $45+HST Quarterly
  • $75+HST for 6 Months
  • $125+HST Annually
  • Business Card on front page of website
  • Mention at all events and monthly Online Shows
  • Photo on top of FB Network Page

Deluxe Network Package

Save $50 when you order the Deluxe membership package!
Separately would cost $250 .. this entire package $200+HST

  • Basic membership listing in the member directory
  • Video interview package
  • Sponsorship package

Join Us!

Learn more about how the People In Connection Business Network Membership and events!


The People In Connection Network group is facilitated by Marie Mushing who runs a website design business in Hamilton Ontario Canada. You can contact Marie with any questions about the network by email, phone, or follow us on Facebook!


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