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Did you know that pain, suffering and limiting beliefs travels through the family lines, affecting our DNA until we choose to heal it?

Perhaps you have heard how our current issues can be traced back seven generations. That’s because we are born with the cellular memory of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents seven generations back, or more; and this can also affect seven future generations.

In the video I give examples such as people with ancestors who lived through the Irish potato famine and how they still have this fear of going hungry; families with history of abuse may react like they’re being abused, despite never having been; or they may attract abusers or reenact the pattern. Or ancestors who live through very chaotic, destructive times create a pattern in our bodies, now, of the fight, flight or freeze response.

In this video I share my my personal experience with Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing. It was so powerful I just had to add this to my list of offerings, so I took the training.

During my first process, which I forgot to mention in the video, I chose to focus on releasing my concern over feeling like I just don’t have enough time to do it all; and, as a mature woman, I am running out of time. As well, I had this terrible pain in the left side of my neck which left me unable to turn past 45 degrees. Since the session in Sept. 2021, I am feeling much more at ease, less rushed. I am, also, very pleased to say that I can make a full turn to look over my left shoulder; aaaaannnnd the pain in my neck is completely gone!!

I do share about my last session and how I chose to let go of those nasty people-pleasing behaviours, how it affected my digestion, and I share the interesting realization I came to.

The process is part energetic (similar to shaman work);part hypnosis and employs Neuro Linguistic Programming, with the intention of clearing our genetic upline, downline sidelines, our cellular memory and to repair our DNA.

Doing the sacred, clearing healing work now, ends the suffering for you and future generations.

As a Soul Doulah, Wyn Andress is passionate about nurturing & transforming body, mind & spirit so clients can birth a new existence!

Wyn’s healing journey started in the late 90’s as she began to experience post-divorce anxiety & an array of inflammatory issues such as back pain, gastro-intestinal issues, migraines & fibromyalgia. Her desire to heal, naturally, involved a variety of therapies such as yoga.

Wyn was deeply inspired by the transformations that occurred & was drawn to acquire certification as a Yoga Therapist in 2009. She prefers Restorative & Yoga Nidra, as they are extremely calming for the nervous system, making them excellent for anxiety & trauma!

Feeling called to support others in healing themselves, Wyn received additional certifications as a Meditation Teacher, Celtic Reiki Practitioner, Karmic Regression Therapist, in Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping), as a Consulting Hypnotist & in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.), Sacred Ancestral Clearing & DNA Healing; and is currently certifying as a Life Coach. These powerful catalysts create true change as they work energetically, emotionally and with the sub-conscious mind, & one’s focus & desire to transform their life. This puts the control back in the client’s hands, allowing them to be at cause for their life.

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist & Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, registered with the Association for Integrative Psychology, Wyn is passionate about supporting & empowering clients to clear away old beliefs, fears & habits that hold them back so as to connect with greater health & their highest potential. Wyn’s mission is to guide clients as they transition from the challenges they face, to birthing a life of grace, ease & peace!

You can connect with Wyn through her website… Email…… cell… 905-869-1124 .. on Facebook… Wyn A. Andress

Be Blessed, Wyn <3  

“What the mind of (wo)man can conceive, & bring itself to believe, it can achieve!”
Napolean Hill

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