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arleneI first met Arlene from Shots of Life and End the Chaos at a network event within the last couple years. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable when you are around her. Arlene has great talent as an amazing photographer and is a huge supporter of all the people she knows and connects with at the events.  She is very devoted to her family, her business and her community. This is her story.


I’ve been working for over 46 years. Some of these positions include:

-An auditor for National Trust in Toronto
– A legal assistant for criminal lawyers in Toronto
– Managed a pay-per-call phone centre in Vancouver
– EA to Vice President of Samoth Capital Corporation in Vancouver
– Office Manager in an office furniture dealership in Vancouver
– Began organizing various offices in Vancouver on a contract basis
– Moved back to Hamilton doing contract work organizing Jetport offices for Ron Joyce
– EA to Sr. VP of Corporate Affairs at Tim Hortons’ Head office in Oakville
– Began my business “End the Chaos” in 1999, Organizing/Downsizing/Staging residential homes and small offices
My Shots of Life photography business has been ongoing

Growing up near Churchill Park in Hamilton and spending so much of my childhood playing in the park and on the trails and ravines, gave me my appreciation for the incredible beauty around us. That is probably where my passion for photography started – wanting to capture all that beauty forever!  Making it into a business just made sense!  I love taking pictures – not just of nature, but also of people.  I love making people look their best through the eye of the camera.  I also love helping people bring their old family photos to life.  It’s all just another way I hope to help people feel good about life, nature, and themselves, with a little fun thrown in.

I offer the following services:
Head Shots
Portraits/Group Shots
Painless Facial Photo Surgery and Painless Photo Surgery
Photo Restoration
Selling photos of things I find beautiful

I’m involved in the Arts community in Hamilton and with various things in the Kirkendall neighborhood, where I live.

You can contact Arlene to learn more at:
(905) 531-2166

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