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Personal responsibility is a quality of maturity. Maturity can manifest at the youngest of ages. Maturity can falter by the challenges of ego at any age.

Personal responsibility is a choice. A choice to be present in and to practice not only honesty but also integrity. Our emotional wounds and negative self messages lead us into believing that blaming others is acceptable. This practice comes into play in many areas of life and is used to manipulate people and circumstances.

Blaming has lead business into purchasing malpractice insurance and error and omission insurance. Business has grown in awareness of disclaimers and waivers. A keen alertness to clients and customers who may be potential practitioners of blaming. It appears that all types of business and professions are exposed to people with this unhealthy behaviour.

Outside of all the legal documents to hold someone accountable for their choices, and the outcome of their choices…what else is there to consider? There is an ancient Teaching … “What you focus on is what you attract. “hat you believe is what you create.” In considering the potency of this Teaching, reflection time is required. An investment of self-truthfulness regarding the internal beliefs that operate the Laws of Manifestation.

Do you believe that you are worthy of success?  Do you believe that there is too much competition?  Do you value the product and services of others?  or… Do you feel that worthiness means getting what you can even if it means the product/service provider has compromise and receive less than their value?

These are just a few questions linked to the understanding of how the Law of Like Attracts Like functions.  When a business owner/staff or customer believes that they can compromise another for the sake of personal gain, a natural erosion of personal responsibility happens.  The more this blaming and believing is practiced…the more the unhealthy behaviour becomes the dominant this behaviour.  What does your belief system inventory look like?

On the flip side of the coin,  personal responsibility fosters an consistent integrity both is practices and policies.  Personal responsibility ensures that the business and the customer (who are working from this quality) attract each other and create a win/win life event.  This win/win translates into a continuity of success.  Success based on the high quality of attention to detail, fairness, honesty and respect.  And, what about communication skills?  Do they play a vital role in manifesting success and attracting quality consumers?

Blaming can and does interfere with not only what we hear but also how we hear what is being communicated.  Blaming can and does cause the person talking to be less responsive and more reactive.  These behaviours are also outcomes of negative self-beliefs, entitlements and are the result of emotional traumas.    Here is an example of blaming resulting in gouging.  Yesterday, the choice was made to take a cab from Locke St. South to Bay and King.  Immediately, there were signs that this particular cab driver was not in a good mind/emotional place.  Watching him pass the cafe, back up slowly on a crowded street, halting traffic, beeping at other drivers and then finally moving forward and around the block to approach the cafe from the proper direction.  Upon opening the door to the cab, the driver immediately reached, pushed the button and started the meter.  In questioning his choice, he said that as soon as the door opens…the meter starts.  Once in the cab, the driver proceeds to verbally unload his complaints about short drives, lack of enough fairs during the day and shared a very relevant belief.  He said, “When the day starts bad, it ends bad.”  And there you have it!

Based on his belief system, he is creating is own misery.  What about a solution to this as a consumer?   A call was placed that day to the cab company’s office and a concern was filed.  The driver did not receive a tip because this behaviour is not rewarded.  During the conversation the office representative, the request was made that this driver receive some support in the form of customer service training and based on evidence of more professional and courteous manners be allowed to keep his employment.

Do you understand from the sharing of this event how the choice to file the concern is an act of personal responsibility?  The attitude and intent is to not only improve my experience as a consumer but to also improve the skills of the driver and the reputation of the cab company.

If you are feeling challenged by negative self messages, your staff and/or your business and desire to create positive change, I can assist you.  Angel Whispers Consulting enjoys a solid and positive reputation for helping not only individuals but also organization.  Angel Whispers Consulting has been contracted and recognized by Min. of Attorney General, Health Canada, Assembly of First Nations to name a few very satisfied clients.

Contact Angel Whispers Consulting today to discuss your needs and to book appointments or workshops.  Angel Whispers Consulting gives you the gift of teaching.  Make to choice today to give yourself/staff/business the gift of learning.



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