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Business and Valentine’s Day are synonymous.   Yes…It is an opportunity to attract customers to your business.  Beyond this reasoning of promoting and selling products and services, is a more benevolent philosophy binding business and Valentine’s Day as an everyday success.

The philosophy of caring.  Caring on a much broader and more expansive scale.  Think of concentric rings expanding ever outward.  You are the very center ring.  Currently, how many rings beyond you reflect your concepts of inclusiveness for Valentine’s Day?  Often this includes a partner, children, grandchildren siblings and parents.  The circles are very close to our center.  What lies in the circles beyond family and close friends when it comes to business?.  What is the philosophy of caring?

Attitude as a positive value is a key component to the philosophy of caring.  Peoples’ personalities, personal histories and egos can affect their interaction with our business.  This positive attitude is about keeping customers’ reactions about them and not about you.  With staff, the use of tools that help staff to shift into the caring philosophy brings greater benefits to the business as well as the profit margin.  Work from this premise and respond from an impersonal but caring place with success.

Self-Awareness that supports identifying and changing shortcomings into strengths for yourself and staff.  Practice constructive feedback and look at best practices.  Being truthful in a way that allows the focused to be not on the challenge but on the solution.

“What’s in it for me?”  This lens is valuable when creating and sustaining a successful caring business.  When asking this question, pause and switch the question to “What’s in it for my customer?”  Enable the experience of your business as the customer.  Do you feel valued?  Do you experience respect? Do you sense that the staff and owner ‘care’ about your needs?

Positive attitude, a self-awareness that creates strengths and a customers’ outlook not only develops the philosophy of caring but also creates a continuous outward flow of values that increases the bottom line.  Expand the number of rings to include neighbourhood, community and beyond.  Be the healthy magnetic energy that attracts people to you in a good way.  Practice Valentine’s Day energy everyday.  Working from healthy holistic values first will naturally nurture and increase profits.

Receiving the correct support to attain and sustain these qualities is important.  Angel Whispers Consulting services are effective in business as well as on a personal level.  Various levels of government and corporations, requesting holistic counseling and workshops, gave hired Angel Whispers Consulting.

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