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In high-rise condos the higher the floor the more expensive they are to purchase. But did you know that if you live above the third floor your chances of surviving a “cardiac arrest” drop dramatically the higher the floor? Above the 25th floor your chances are zero! The problem has to do with the increased time it takes paramedics to reach you, get you out of the building and get you to the hospital. Locked lobbies, slow elevators, elevators that cannot hold a stretcher are the prime factors in accounting for the increased time. These findings are reported in the National Post and you can read it here at http:\\

So when considering a high-rise condo and wanting that spectacular view think about the pros and cons of the floor you select.

Do the elevators accommodate stretchers? If not, paramedics have to climb up stairs to reach you and that takes a lot of valuable time. Does the condo have defibrillators accessible if needed? Consider taking or upgrading your CPR and other life saving courses. Studies have shown that CPR administered while awaiting paramedics increases your chances of survival dramatically.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact me.
Debbie Watson
Sales Representative
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc., Brokerage

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