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What does empowerment mean to you? “Empowerment” refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities.

How would your life be different if you were empowered?

We all come into this life with gifts, abilities and power and slowly it is buried or put to sleep by the illusion of what society, our families, religions and schools teach us. We learn survival techniques,

that fear is healthy, that we are not always safe, that it is not a good idea to trust…strangers, our friends, lovers, enemies, adversaries, colleagues, and even ourselves. We learn that illness exists, people are born, people die and some suffer more than others. We learn that we have to take care of ourselves or we will get sick. We learn that we cannot take life or these bodies of ours for granted. We learn that the people who are the sickest are the ones who did not take care of themselves. Everything we learn is an illusion. There is no death, no illness, no disease, nothing to fear. There is only love and light, faith and trust and believing in Divine Source.

What can you learn now that will empower you?

Your body is your temple. Your thoughts manifest whatever you believe in or are valuing. If you believe it is possible to die from cancer then you probably will. If you believe that your body is your temple and as long as you need it to be of service it will be here for you and not die. Sure you may get sick but if you see it as a way of cleansing and clearing and bringing in the energy so you can continue to move forward as you process the “sick” in your body mind and spirit then you will be fine.

Your personality takes over when you are sad, angry, upset, resentful, annoyed etc. Your soul takes over when you see everything as light and love. We all transition in and out of our soul and our personality. When you get to the place where you are more soul … light and love… then personality then you have reached a place of peace and understanding and you have become empowered. Staying in your soul is taking responsibility for all that you do and all that you do that effects others. Don’t point fingers at anyone. Look deeply into yourself and see who you are.

Step #1 on your journey is Getting to Know Yourself. Who are you anyway?

Visualization to meet yourself.

  • Close your eyes. Go inside.
  • Take three deep breaths
  • As you exhale each time say to yourself:

◦      I open myself to myself

◦      I accept myself

◦      I allow my true self to come forward.

  • See yourself standing in a meadow surrounded by lovely flowers
  • Now see someone walking into the meadow.
  • This is the last person you were with who annoyed you.
  • What does that feel like…in your body
  • What do you want to say to that person
  • What do you believe about that person
  • What do you believe about yourself
  • Now see that person fade away


  • Another person comes into the meadow
  • This is the last person you felt loving and kind towards
  • What does that feel like…in your body
  • What do you want to say to that person
  • What do you believe about that person
  • What do you believe about yourself


How were these two scenarios different? What changed from the first to the second to make the feelings different? Was it the two different people? Was it something inside yourself?

  • Now go back inside and see the first person again…the one that annoyed you.
  • See that person as a being of love…send love to the person,,,know that you and that person are one…you are both of god…all is one. Say to yourself…Be still and know that I am
  • Say to yourself…all is love, all is light.
  • Now how do you feel about that person.
  • What do you want to say to that person
  • What do you believe about that person
  • What do you believe about yourself.


What changed and why? How can you incorporate this change into your daily life? In which of these scenarios did you feel more powerful, more self-assured, more a child of god?

Repeat this exercise in your mind’s eye every time something or someone annoys, angers or frustrates you. This teaches you about yourself, about your personality. After two or three times start using this technique before you meet or encounter the situation or person. See the difference it makes. Instead of saying: “Where will I park?” visualize a parking spot. Instead of fretting over something say: “This situation is resolved already.” Believe and put it out there and it will manifest.

Stress and worry create a smoke screen and hide your magnificence so that you cannot do the work you are here to do. If you are caught up in a battle in your head with some foe then how can you heal yourself and others. You can’t. If you cannot stand in your truth or speak your truth then you cannot be strong and powerful. How else can you get to know yourself?

  • Watch yourself with children
  • Watch yourself with pets.
  • Write a list of your values and beliefs
  • Write a short story about your childhood and share it with a few friends
  • Write a short story about your teenage years and share it.
  • Ask friends to give you feedback about what kind of friend you are.


For more information or for feedback on your experiences with these visualizations or exercises contact Jo-Ann Sacred Sister at or at


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