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I hope to be ———- when I grow up!!!
How many times we have heard ourselves saying this?
I hope to be a pilot or an astronaut or a dancer when I grow up, and oftentimes we fail to fulfill our childhood dream.  

 We have to make the internal transition from “I hope to be this when I grow up” to “I am this.” Many people misinterpret this step as setting an intention. Setting intentions is a necessary step to manifesting.  To set an intention well, you need to spend time getting clear on:

⇒ What it is you’re doing, 
⇒ How you wish to do it, 
⇒ What direction you are going to head in order to start doing it?

 However, most people are taught that setting the intention somehow magically starts the manifestation process. Think the right things, repeat them, keep them in mind, and this will start the ball rolling. 

The problem is the mind doesn’t actually do things. Without the body, the soul, and the emotions, it’s a bit helpless. So just setting a mental intention, while it will do some things as long as you’re thinking about the intention, suffers from attention deficit

 Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) helps you make that transition from intention to success/achievement in three easy, flawless steps.

The 3 requisites for successful change 

1. Release and clear negative emotions & belief that you can change and Interrupt the current limiting association. You have to believe that something must change. You change and help release the limiting decisions that allowed different perceptions and beliefs that arose. Another beautiful principle of NLP is that, “it allows that to happen *NOW*.” You have to interrupt the pattern or habit*when*it’s happening. The idea is to “scribble across the record” so it will no longer affect you the same way. For example, when the fear, or force of habit is triggered, that’s exactly the right time to interrupt it.

2. Take action: movement is the expression of all life force; non-movement is the expression of non-life.

3. Condition yourself: to the new empowering association. For example, you can 
link laughter to the situation. You need to re-enforce the new association and 

You see, it is a close loop which is only effective when we are putting mental energy into it.  What is required to initiate manifestation is a shift out of thinking about our intentions to a full body knowing of our intentions. 

We are no longer an outsider instead we are looking in and transforming ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; allowing our mind to incorporate this new aspect of ourselves into our identity. Our mind doesn’t have to concentrate on it consciously, this new aspect becomes an accepted part of ourselves we no longer have to think about at all. It just is.

Your success depends on these three requisites; your core habits & limiting beliefs, taking action and conditioning ourselves.   – Let’s break the habit of being yourself


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