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Our customer, Dorothy, who works in Political Science at Brock University, sent these photos below yesterday.  Her cooler needed to be replaced and she made a cup of tea with tap water while she waited for the new cooler. Visual proof of the difference between water filled with chemicals and sludge, and pure water!   If you aren’t using pure water for your tea and coffee, you’ll be amazed at the difference in flavour!


Tea made with Tap Water


Tea made using pure water

And speaking of flavour, our friend and nutritionist, Maria Dominguez- Courian has some delicious recipes for fusion waters if you need a change of pace.  Easy, healthy, and delicious!   Check out the site below- it’s beautiful, too!!5-Steps-To-Make-Infused-Water/c1k7g/56dc99430cf222055969b461

H2Only will  be serving these infused waters at a brand new pop up dance studio in Hamilton on Wednesday- it’s for women who just want to get crazy and dance- no lessons, nor formality- just plain fun! If that is right up your alley, here is the info:   You are welcome to join us- we’ll be dancing’!

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