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“I’m always tired—it doesn’t matter how long I sleep!”

“I can’t catch up on everything I need to do.”

“I’m always feeling down in the dumps.”

“My whole body hurts! If it’s not my back, it’s my shoulders or my feet.”

Are these comments sound familiar to you?  I hear them over and over from young women, middle-aged women, and older women, whether in my office, by e-mail, or even at social gatherings:

What is the root cause of pain?

Emotional / Mental stress or negative emotions à Disturbed sleep à Tensed muscles à Nervous system changes  à Depression

image002 image004 image006Let me talk about two things here, the jack in the box and the dirty coffee cup.  It will be clear pretty soon why?

Our emotions are like the jack in the box, we can keep them as long as we could, hidden from the people and ourselves.  Sooner or later, there is an event or situation that erupts the old emotions beyond control.  We either get too sad, or angry or frustrated and say to ourselves, “Didn’t I tell you, things never go right with me?”  All of the old emotions that were kept safe in the inner compartments of our psyche leash out.  You loose control and can feel upset at those emotions.  So, not only emotions have erupted, but also you are ashamed of having those emotions.  You are mad at yourself!  Sometimes people say, “ I should know better, I shouldn’t have be so angry or shouting or upset.”

At the same time, as your stress and negative emotions accumulate over time, they develop into physical symptoms.  Can you imagine yourself drinking your fresh coffee from the stale, dirty cup?  Noooo…  Then why keep all of the negative emotions within yourself.

Chinese have discovered thousands of years ago, the meridian system in the body.  These threadlike microscopic, anatomical structures were first seen on stereomicroscope and electron microscope images.

You can think of meridian channels as fiber-optic network the body…

The negative emotions linked with your physical pain can be around a number of different events that have happened in your past or they can be around one particularly traumatic event, such as a divorce or accident.  The incredible results that Emotional Freedom Technique produced is known as ‘tapping’!

(Emotional Freedom Technique EFT)
is the Science  and Art of opening your
and validating your

As you TAP
You reduce all stress, anxiety and fear
And increase serotonin and endorphins

It’s a practical and easy
That will let you INSTALL successful and abundant choices in your LIFE.


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