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Examples of everything mentioned here will be found on my website:
My photographs are varied… from bathrooms to graffiti and everything in between! I have many more photos than what you see on my website so feel free to ask me about subjects or colors etc. to suit your needs!
Photo Restoration – marked/damaged, old, torn photos – I can (usually) restore them for you.
Photoshop – Do you have a lovely family photo that your ‘EX’ is in? I can fix that – take the ‘ex’ out, move people around to leave you with a nice photo. Too many things or people in the background? That zit on your forehead? I can fix that too!
Headshots – Portraits – all done using natural lighting.
Alphatography – Words from photos!
Personal or generic photo greeting cards – fun cards or pictures such as putting your child’s photo beside their favorite fictional character
If you have an idea or question, let me know!
I am also a Professional Organizer, Downsizer and Stager! If you have a room or a whole house that needs organizing, I can help! If your need help downsizing – give me a call! Or if you’re moving, I can help you get your home ready for sale so it attracts the most buyers!

  • Arlene Beattie
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  • , Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 3Z4, Canada

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