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marlanaI had the pleasure of meeting Marlana at a networking event in Ancaster in early 2016.  Her dedication and excitement shows when she speaks about her business. She loves that she can brighten the day of others  and that she can help others to market and grow their business using this excellent product line.  Here is her story:


I have been a career Bartender for 25+ years and love working with the puplic!

I started at SendOutCards because I wanted to look out for my future. I saw the value in the business for myself and others and love the idea of residual income. I love the ease and convenience of it!  It allows me to work with like minded people and have time and financial freedom! It allows people to send old school cards & gifts with new age technology (The way of the future!) It also allows me to be creative and teach others to think outside the box when it comes to building and strengthening their business through Relationship Marketing!

SendOutCards provides businesses and people personally a cost effective and convenient way to appreciate people and send out kindness. It is the largest Greeting Card and Gifting company that allows you to send physical cards and gifts through your postal service all from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, and even your smartphone! Strengthening relationships in business and in your personal life!

I try to be involved as much as possible. I volunteer at many functions. My husband and I also run a Latin Dance night once a month in Hamilton. We try to promote dancing and fitness! We are involved with many other promotion groups in Hamilton, trying to build our wonderful city and all it has to offer!

I do not have a storefront as my business is Mobile! I am available whenever is convenient for the client!

You can contact Marlana to learn more at:
(905) 512-3594

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