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Arlene Beattie

Shots of Life
Work Hamilton Ontario Canada Work Phone: 905-531-2166 Website: Shots of Life



Growing up near Churchill Park in Hamilton and spending so much of my childhood playing in the park and on the trails and ravines, gave me my appreciation for the incredible beauty around us.  That is probably where my passion for photography started – wanting to capture all that beauty forever!

I left Hamilton after high-school in 1970 and moved to Toronto and then to Vancouver.  Love brought me back home to Hamilton.  The love of  my high-school sweetheart and my love of Hamilton are what keep me here!

Taking country drives throughout Ontario is one of my favorite things to do. With my husband at the wheel and me yelling STOP THE CAR when I see something that catches my eye – something I absolutely must take a picture of.  Then, I can’t wait to get home so I can see it all over again!

This has led me to have a rather large portfolio, only a small sampling is shown on my website.


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Hamilton Ontario Canada

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