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Marianne Hobson

Mortgage Agent, Lic#M08004925 Real Mortgage Associates Inc.
Work Phone: 9059739266 Website:


I have been in the mortgage industry for 20 years and previously I was a Legal Assistant so I have experience on both sides of the fence of a real estate transaction.

In most cases, I am paid by the lender so there is no fee and there is never a fee just to have a conversation.  Bank hours are not my hours.  I am available when you are available!

Let me assist you with; mortgage refinances/renewals, home purchases, secured lines of credit, credit challenged persons, self-employed persons, single mothers, maternity leave, resident doctors and more!

I’m well connected to some very reliable people such as Realtors, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers for Life insurance, car/home insurance, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Contractors, Movers, Cleaners, Bookkeepers and more so basically, I am a one stop shop!

Email me at as I would be happy to help.

I work in your best interests to save you interest!

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