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What is the Law of Like Attracts Like?  What is Networking?  What is the affect of this Natural Law on networking?

The Law of Like Attracts Like means what ever energy you give forth is the energy you receive back to you.  This energy can be in the form of thoughts, feelings, words and/or actions.

Networking is…interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.

The affect of this Natural Law as applied to networking?  Simply this…when you choose to support, in a good way, other business by promoting them, you are also attracting customers to you.  Indirectly, you are promoting your own business via positive networking ethics and values.

Have you heard the saying, “Thoughts are things?”  Looking at this from a purely scientific perspective, thoughts are a very tangible energy.  Our brain’s activity is charted through an electroencephalogram. Tangible… right?  There is the lie detector test.  This shows our thought responses through the body and indicates a lie or a truth.  Tangible…right?  When a person uses any amount of time thinking negatively about another person or their business, the Law of Like Attracts Like is activated.

Is the negative thoughts because you do not understand the product or service?  Or, because you may have had a bad experience with someone else who offered a similar product or service?  Whichever is the case, thinking non-positively set Cosmic energies in motion that will attract non-positive situations to you or your business.

Negative thoughts are one-quarter of the full circle.  They are powerful on their own.  Imagine now adding the energy of negative feelings.  This completes half a circle. More power is being transmitted into the action of this Natural Law.   When you determine, consciously or unconsciously, that you are angry with, uncomfortable with, mistrusting of, fearful of, rejecting of and/or a sense of unworthiness…the negative energy is multiplied and becomes more powerful.  Cause and effect.  Simple laws of physics are at work.

Words?!  Well, it is one thing to believe that because others do not hear our thoughts that we are getting away with secretively being negative.  This belief, by the way, is a false belief.  Words, on the other hand, are heard and or seen through sign language.  These words have a vibratory value.  They are amplifiers for the thoughts and the feelings.  Not only are they amplifiers, words also have a direct affect on how other may choose to view the person or business that is being ‘bad mouthed’.  This is three-quarters of the circle.

The final quarter of the energetic circle is action.  Action is not only defined as what we do but also as what we do not do.  For example, networking is about supporting, promoting, sharing through the social and business media.  The choice not to take action is an action by omission.  The circle is not complete.  Expect that there will be challenges arising because of Law of Like Attracts Like is impersonal and non-judging.

Using the Law of Like Attracts Like in these non-positive ways is one side of the coin!  The other side is, of course, utilizing this Natural Law in a manner that attracts to you and your business abundance and success.  Choice is a powerful tool that can either deconstruct what has been built with good intention.  Choice is a powerful tool that can construct an expansion of what has been built with a good attitude and a positive intention.

Are you mindful of your thoughts?  Before being frivolous with what you think, take time to be your own witness and censor unhealthy thoughts.  Be aware of your feelings.  Do you find yourself a reactive or a responsive person?  There are respectful ways to heal the past that causes ones to be reactive.

Are your words doing damage or are your words honouring the good efforts of other business people.  Keeping clear that being mistreated directly by another business person is a valid experience.  In this situation, are you communicating to that business person what your bad experience was and/or what boundaries were crossed?  Letting them know, verbally or in writing, are good ways of releasing the unhappy experience.
shareAction…Are you sharing the promotional posts of other business’ in your network(s)?  Although, you may choose not to utilize their product or service…are you networking?  Remember that when you help promote other business in your network(s), you are practicing positive networking ethics and values.

Is is not only about science and physics.  There is a strong spiritual aspect.  It is also about the Golden Rule.  The meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets” (Matthew 7:12 NCV, see also Luke 6:31). The common English phrasing is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

The choice is your choice…choose…but choose wisely.


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