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We had an excellent round table discussion on Social Media resources this month and received some excellent feedback from the members and guests! Thank you to everyone for participating.  Please see all resources and links below.

Susanna Miles – Member
Do you struggle to create an engaging, authentic, and effective online presence? Do you dread writing content, emails and social media posts? Download the pep-framework.pdf

Bonnie Barlow – Member
If your business is a service or intellectual property based business (accounting, web design, artist etc.) take a picture of your workstation, your cup of coffee, or screen capture what you’re working on to post to Instagram.

Add a personal side to your business social media. Eg. Real Estate agents who go on vacation can take pictures of interesting homes or architecture wherever they are on vacation can post that on a business page. If your business is one that you can do anywhere in the world, take a picture of your office for the day (like my lakefront view from last summer). There is a very fine line with making it too personal, just to be aware.

Hashtags are search engines. With Twitter and Instagram being more instant see posts, using hashtags will help to target your audience, but will also open it up to others who are looking up that particular hashtag. For example, the hashtag for Hamilton is #hamont. If your target client is in Hamilton, then your social media posts should include this hashtag. Burlington is #BurlOn or #burlington.

Using a platform like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you can manage social media more effectively. Twitter is a tough one to follow, because it’s an instant news feed and then it’s gone.  Hootsuite has the option to create a stream for certain hashtags or searches.


 Salma Burney – Guest 
Twitter chats:
Twitter tips:
Sandra Shaw – Guest
– I use Instagram as much as I use FB, I find people are more likely to “watch you” on IG then they are on FB as it seems to be less personal. Perhaps they feel you don’t know they are “watching”
– I try to use hashtags with all my posts on IG
– Some of those # are created using a free app called “Tag O’ Matic”
– I use Hootsuite to set up a lot of my pre-thought posts and if I’m busy and can’t post a live & current post I know something will be already there

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