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What causes your stress? 

  • work: security, competence, perfectionism
  • family: parents, siblings, extended family
  • upcoming events: vacation, marriage, graduation
  • relationships/friendships
  • anxiety/worry/fear over health, finances, safety or security

Are these really the causes of your stress or are they what trigger your stress?

Ask yourself “Who is responsible for the STRESS in my life?” Take a look at previous stressful times. Could you have handled the situation, person or event differently? Become the observer, watch how you are in the world. The outside world offers abundant situations, people and events to trigger stress. How you respond is up to you. Stress is a choice and the choice is yours. So ask again. “Who is responsible for the stress in my life?”

Remember: “You can’t change others but you can change yourself. You can begin to change yourself by staying present and aware of how you respond to stress triggers and discern what to do differently. As you stay in the present moment you will become more aware of how you interact and interface with the world around you.

At Sacred Garden Spiritual Centre we provide information and guidance on the tools you can use to regain control and Take Charge of The Stress in Your Life. Sacred Garden Teachings include:

  • Discernment and Responsibility: The Path to a Stress Free Life.
  • Meditation: A Gift from You to Yourself
  • Change Your Words: Change Your Life: The Power of Assertiveness

Sacred Garden Spiritual Centre

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