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As women we pass through four main life cycles: Child, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Which cycle are you in? What have you learned? What are you bringing to the next cycle? As a Child did you enjoy the magic? As a Maiden did you learn
honour, self-respect and gratitude? As a Mother (nurturer) did you love unconditionally? As a Crone/Wise Woman are you sharing your wisdom?

On the Medicine Wheel we come into this world in the East, the place of the Eagle, illumination, clarity, confidence, trust and magic. As Children we bring in gifts and abilities, intuition and imagination. Children love to explore and dig deep
into unknown places. It is often said children have no fear and abundant curiosity. It is during this vulnerable time a child may learn what it is to fear or be hurt. I pray for these children who are forced to grow up too quickly and not experience
childhood magic.

As we grow past seven years we slowly move into the South, the place of the Hummingbird, joy, independence, playfulness, and resilience. During adolescence we hone language skills and learn discernment. Our bodies change,
our moon-times begin as we become more sensitive. Now we are Maidens, we date, make friends, party, learn new skills, make life choices and grow physically and emotionally. It is important we are accepted for who we are; if not we learn to
hide parts of yourself. There is confusion about our bodies, needs, likes and dislikes and how to exist in the adult world. This is the stage of lessons and learnings. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t.

Now we move into the West, the cycle of potential Motherhood the place of the Bear, nurturing, inner strength, inner reflection, fearless power, and reflection. We make choices: to partner or not, who to partner with, sexual orientation, religion, skill set, travel, adventure, spirituality. As women we entertain the thought of being a mother. The mothering instinct is in all of us. We may mother our own children, children in schools or at work, relatives, our pets or our pet projects.

Something wonderful happens as we grow older. Women in their 40s and 50s find their inner power. They come out of the time of reflection and move into the place of action. They may become socially active, directors or managers,
politicians or leaders. Many women at this stage may open a business and become an entrepreneur. Even after retirement women do not stop. They consult, they create, they find their inner artist and their inner business acumen. All of this can be marred by one thing that society dwells on, the inconvenience of menopause and all of its concomitant symptoms. When I went through menopause I was engaged in energy healing. My symptoms were minimal. No one tells women that for an easier menopause, don’t take drugs, engage in energy healing.

We now move into the North, the place of the Owl, prophecy, Wisdom, expanded sight, patience, night owl working, de-cluttering physically and emotionally. This is a time of inner freedom. We no longer have to try to be superwoman. These are our Crone years, the time to discern what supports our highest and greatest good. As the wise Crone you can dress up or down, be outrageous, be fun, enjoy, embrace the Inner Goddess.

We came into this world with gifts, abilities, intuition and imagination. Along the way we forgot some of this. As we move into our Wisdom years clarity comes back. If we haven’t already we are drawn to recognize and claim our inner healer
and teacher and fulfill our life’s true purpose. Many women I know in their Maiden and Mother phases are involved in holistic Healing and Spirituality. They will transition easily into their Wisdom years. To them I say: ”Remember your sisters who are in transition and becoming aware of their inner strengths. Send them love and light. Encourage them to go inside and embrace their gifts and abilities. Stay in your heart and shine your light on their light. We are all connected.”

Jo-Ann Crechiolo-Anderson (Sacred Sister)

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