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What is Shamanism? It is the oldest Spiritual practice on the planet. The word “shaman” comes from the Siberian word that refers to out of the ordinary spiritual abilities such that a Shaman is thought of as a go-between this world and the spirit world. In many cultures the shaman is the medicine man or woman who “sees” or who “knows”. The shaman is the one the tribe consults when healing or direction are sought.

From the perspective of the Shaman we are all interconnected and a part of Nature. For thousands of years Shamans, have journeyed to other realities to bring back energy, power, guidance or wisdom to repair soul loss or to remove spiritual
blockages. The core belief is that when we experience trauma a part of our soul departs and through shamanic soul retrieval that part can be reinstated. As well since it is believed that physical illness has a strong emotional and spiritual component caused by energy blockages removing these blockages opens one to self-healing. Indigenous Shamans honor the Circle, Mother Earth and all her creatures, plants, stones, trees, animals and birds and they live in harmony with nature and helping spirits. Through a process known as Shamanic Journeying a shaman can restore soul loss, remove blockages and divine information for someone who is challenged with illness of power loss.

We all have an inner shaman and the ability to journey to these non-ordinary realities. All we need is to trust and travel with someone who has the experience and is trained to facilitate the journey. When we travel to the Lower World we meet with our allies or animal totems. In the Upper World we meet with our Spirit Guides.

The benefits of journeying include: restoration of power or soul loss, removal of blockages that are causing physical or mental illness, a more energized and balanced body, mind, and spirit, a feeling of calm, peace, relaxation and the growth of innate wisdom. All of this results in a body that can then self-heal. Journeying, greeting spirits, talking with nature is a not a learned ability but a rediscovered ability. We come into this world as innocents and as such have great gifts and abilities yet do not always remember them. The ones we do remember are sometimes socialized out of us. The invisible friend, the fairies in the garden, the tree that speaks to you. These are all denied and we begin to doubt and shut down. To re-stimulate these abilities we need to let go of old beliefs, stories and attitudes that we inherited or absorbed from our environment, caretakers, teachers and peers. We need to look inside ourselves and see what is truly there similar to following a shamanic path.

Moving into a shamanic path is not easy. It means facing your truth and being challenged daily. The shaman is a “hollow bone” and must leave behind the ego and do this work from the heart. The work must come from the heart and go to
the heart. Everyone has an innate ability to let go, allow and receive. It is only a matter of willingness to walk the talk, to follow the path and bring forward your birthright gifts and abilities. The practice of Shamanic Journeying and Healing offer a way to connect to your soul and allow your soul’s true purpose to shine through and allow you to move into a place of self-empowerment and self-healing.

To learn more about or to experience a Shamanic Journey and begin your walk on the Shamanic Path contact Jo-Ann Sacred Sister at

Jo-Ann Crechiolo-Anderson (Sacred Sister)
Sacred Garden Spiritual Healing Centre

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