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 Based on information provided by Equifax:

  • 35{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} payment history
  • 30{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} utilization
  • 15{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} length of history
  • 10{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} inquiries
  • 10{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} credit mix

Helpful hint…

Try to keep all credit at 40{854260ad3ac82f0198a116402344e6e1e71062b501d7e2cd416180c25331f2ff} of the limit granted.

It can take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months for improvements to your credit.  Lenders will want to see 2 years of good established revolving credit before approving for financing.



I have assisted lots of clients with credit counselling and repairing their credit.  I have also given seminars on credit for the Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre in Waterdown and in Binbrook. Feel free to contact me at for more information.


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