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As a website designer there are occasions when a client comes to me and wants me to assist them with an existing website for one reason or another. When I go to transfer the domain or look it up, we find out that it is not in their name, which legally means, until they do secure it back into their name, transfer to a new hosting company is impossible unless they know the person well and can get them to provide the ID and password to enable the transfer.

Now if you are technically inclined you may be able to get this information changed yourself. Most often we find the domain has simply been registered in the hosting company’s name while they manage the website for you, but ultimately the domain is your responsibility.

Now this also presents other challenges if the person that registered it cannot be reached. You may be at risk of losing your domain if you do not know what to do next.

So how do you check on your domain information?

  • Go to and search for your domain name.
  • Check to see if it is in your name.  If so, great, if not then you will need to see if you can contact the person who’s name is the contact person.
  • For .ca domains it could be more difficult if all the information is protected and you cannot see the registrar information. You may need to go to to find this out.

Of course the best way is to let a professional web design company pursue this on your behalf so they can guide you through the process.  Once you have all the information in your name with

  • your domain name
  • your domain registrar
  • your domain login information
  • your domain expiry

Now make sure to print this information and keep it in a file where you can access it at any time.

If this is something you need assistance with, I offer this service for my clients and provide them a file they can print with all their website login information.

Marie Mushing
People In Connection

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